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Networking and Marketing

Networking is vital in career enhancement. It may open up doors for possible jobs, research collaboration and participation in societies, committee participation, board seats, conference lecturing. Networking aids in building your profile, career and reputation both in person and digitally and opens up a wealth of potential opportunities.

Conferences are an overwhelming rush of presentations, conversations, and potential meet-ups, and it can be tough to know where to focus your time. Professional conferences are an unavoidable fact of working life. Today, probably even more than ever before, networks are a key form of social capital for achieving goals in both your professional and personal lives and meeting people at conferences who likely have the same interests as you and are highly relevant to your work is a good way to nurture and expand your network.

People who focus on their professional aspirations network more frequently and experience decreased feelings of dirtiness. Creating a priority wish list of people you’d like to meet helps you make exact presentation for the participants, thus creating a situation where you feel comfortable. Conferences are mix of people you know and people you would like to get to know better.

One of the most valuable takeaways from any conference is the new relationships and contacts made through networking. Understanding how to network at a conference, and going in with the right strategy can be a game changer for your business or career. Collaboration on research projects, becoming an active member of society committees, lecturing at conferences, and building your digital/social medial platform. To get the most out of the conferences and meetings you attend, it’s important to plan your strategy well ahead of the actual event.

The Beauty of Diversity at Conferences | Benefits of Conference Networking

At our Conference, we have administrative professionals with a variety of position titles, jobs, size companies and industries. They offer a completely fresh, objective perspective.

Conferences Are Good for Networking but Great for Marketing

Conferences are frequently overlooked for their marketing potential. If done right, they can be marketing gold, especially for start-ups

Showcase yourself

Many conferences, and especially those centered around hard market segments like Medical, technology or construction, where companies can buy tables or booths to show off their products. It’s not that potential customers are going to line up at your booth and wait to hand you contracts and checks. That’s not going to happen. But two things are nonetheless true. First, those who walk past or talk fast at trade show venues are either customers or competitors. Both are good. They are, typically, highly engaged and well informed. Second, and most importantly, simply being there is an important message. It says “here we are” and that you’re investing in this process and have something to say. From a marketing perspective, directed at such a highly engaged audience, that’s pretty important.

Present yourself

If you target a conference six months or more in advance, don’t be shy about asking the organizers to give a speech or join a panel or debate. Review the program of the upcoming or past conferences. And be ready to explain what you’d say and why it’s interesting. But do ask. There’s a world of difference between handing out a dozen cards at the bar and holding a microphone in front of 200 market colleagues. One of those has real value. You can guess which. Don’t be discouraged if the organizers pass. There’s also value in asking. By making the inquiry, those organizing the event will know you and believe you have something to say. When they meet you in person, they’ll remember. Also, if you bought a booth at the trade centre, don’t hesitate to mention it in your request. It’s not good conference business to say "no" to the people who are writing checks.


Nearly every conference ever conceived has sponsors – official media partners, official energy drinks and operating systems. If you have a marketing budget, ask and ask early about sponsoring. Often, sponsorships include prime logo and brand placement on conference materials that reach many more people than actually attend. They can also include speaking and media opportunities. If your company can afford to be a conference sponsor, ask for what you need you may get it.

  • Want to meet the keynote speaker?
  • Want the hosting organization to endorse your business?

A surprising number of people see conference as networking opportunities but overlook the real branding and marking possibilities. Getting in front of your clients and potential customers at conferences is an under-valued part of the conference investment and experience. “While sponsorships can help to elevate your brand over an extended period, speaking on panels and media opportunities on-site at conferences can build your thought leadership profile which also lends ultimate credibility to your brand and is just as valuable. Conferences are pretty solid places to invest. You won’t find a better captive audience anywhere.

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